Travel Tricks – What’s in my beach bag

As a June baby, my zodiac sign is a water sign – and I love water. I could spend days floating in a pool or in the ocean. So the last post in the Travel Tricks series are my beach bag essentials.


I didn’t photograph the obvious like towels and beach attire. My bag always seems to be filled to the brim and I usually carry a huge bottle of water to stay hydrated. Rather than show you my boring water bottle, here’s a picture of me sipping fresh coconut water by the pool!  I’ve always hated wearing hats but I found this cute one from Adidas, which kept me cool during the day and dried quickly if wet. As for poolside reading, I brought The Opposite of Loneliness, which was a very inspiring serious of short stories and essays by a young writer. Highly recommended.


Skincare – Even though catching some sunrays is great for a nice tan, there is also the importance of taking care of our skin. I love the Hawaiian Tropics Silk Hydration Sunscreen. It comes in a wide range of SPF for great protection, is super hydrating to keep skin moisturized, and has that classic coconutty sunscreen smell. For the face I like a thinner formula to prevent breakouts. My favourite is the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Liquid Daily Sunscreen. It light, non greasy and even works great under makeup.

 Let me know some of your favourite places to buy swimwear!

Until next time,

Sarah x

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