Product Feature – Hourglass Modernist Eyeshadow

First off, is this not one of the most beautiful palettes you have ever seen?

I spotted the Hourglass Modernist eye shadow palette on the Sephora website prior to its release and I have been dreaming about it ever since. I seriously could stare at this thing all day. Selecting the colour scheme I wanted was very tricky, as usual I wanted all of them (they are just so beautiful).  But, in an attempt to branch out from my standard #basic neutral eye look, I decided on Exposure which comes with 5 shadows ranging in the plum colour family.


Colours in palette from left to right: champagne, aubergine, bronze, black violet, lilac

This palette I will admit, has quite the hefty price tag but the quality and luxuriousness of the shadows definitely justify the price. I don’t think I have ever worked with shadows that have blended so seamlessly. A little product goes on long way as they are highly pigmented, very creamy and easy to build.  Each shadow I used applied onto my eyelid smoothly and blended into, something that I think, is a professional looking smoky eye (And believe me I am not a professional when it comes to eye shadow).


The one downside I did notice was the fallout of eye shadow within the palette. While there is no fallout when applying to the skin, the fallout happens within the packaging when dipping your brush into the shadows. Keeping in mind that a little product goes a long way there isn’t a need to really pack the shadow onto the brush. Who would want to waste such a beautiful thing?!


Overall I think this is a great product. From the beautiful packaging, the gorgeous shape of the shadows to the actual colour schemes, this one lives up to everything I hoped it would be. It is definitely a luxury purchase but totally worth it. If I had to pick a second colour scheme to buy I would go with the olive palette. A girl can always dream.

Until next time

Sarah x