Summer Clothing Haul

Who else is shocked that it’s already June?  Don’t be confused, I’m certainly not complaining about the warm-ish weather! In fact, I’m eagerly pulling out summer clothing pieces! With the changing temperature comes the seasonal wardrobe cleanout. Nothing is more satisfying than digging through the closet to get rid of worn out and out of style pieces. Plus who doesn’t love when everything looks pretty and folded in its place. So you might be wondering, how long does the organized and clutter free oasis last? Not very long. I typically use this as my excuse to go shopping and replace everything! Here are a few of the pieces I purchased over the past couple weeks.

Shorts and Rompers: I’m so glad soft shorts are a trend. Super comfortable, super versatile, and super flirty.  I’m equally a fan of the romper! The cute patterns are always what sell me. Aside from the whole tricky bathroom situation (Ladies, you know what I’m talking about) they are the perfect summer staple. Both pieces are trendy and unique plus you can usually find relatively inexpensive pieces. The shorts are from Banana Republic and the Romper and Denim shorts are both American Eagle.


Tops: I feel like crop tops look cute on everyone else but me. Because of its structured and not too fitted shape, this blush pink one from Aritzia doesn’t leave me feeling self-conscious. I love the shape and dressy yet causal feel of it. I tend to get chilly during summer evenings so I like to have a go to sweater to throw on. This one from Banana Republic is chic and cozy. Who doesn’t love shirt with a sassy saying.


Dresses and Skirts:  One of my favourite things to buy, my closet can speak for itself when it comes to dresses. I kept things simple with a stripe tank top dress from Joe Fresh. It’s definitely a “throw on and out the door” dress but could also be used as a beach cover-up. As for the Artizia skirt , I actually have it in the dress version.  I loved it so much I had to stock up and get the skirt. Again super versatile, very a classic look and is figure flattering.


Hope some of my pieces inspire your summer wardrobe shopping. Let me know some of your favourite places to shop!

Until next time,

Sarah x

The Best Red Lipstick.. for your eyes?!

When I settle into my morning at work, I’m typically perusing my favourite beauty blogs and dreaming about my future job in the beauty industry. Usually brainstorming content ideas for the blog, I’m always looking for interesting articles to write about. One particular morning I came across a video I just had to feature.

It was a video from a beauty blogger named Deepica Muylata who revealed the most interesting way to combat those pesky under eye circles. Her secret? Using a red or orange lipstick. The idea behind it is the red lipstick cancels out any blue tones under your eyes. Applied underneath your regular face makeup routine, your eyes will look less dark and much brighter.

Now I’m not usually one for gimmicky beauty tricks. I like to keep things simple and natural. But, in this one instance I had to try it out. The dark circles under my eyes have to go. The bane of my existence, under eye circles are the one part of my face I’ve been trying to perfect for years. So out I went on a cold and rainy evening to target and purchased the Maybelline Colour sensational in Rose Rush (735). Hesitant, I followed Deepica’s tutorial and started to play around with the colour.


I was amazed that the red, which is so strikingly bright and out of place on my face, could not be seen underneath my concealer.  As for the actual brightening effect? Initially I couldn’t tell if my eyes were playing tricks on me as they wanted to see an improvement. The closer I looked, I did notice that the eye with the lip stick seemed a little brighter. The darkest areas of my eye which I usually struggle with had improved subtly and were less noticeable.  It was not a huge difference to my regular under eye routine but none the less it did work. I personally wouldn’t make this a step in my every day routine, but might pull this trick out of the bag on a big night out.



Can you tell the difference? Here’s a side by side comparison with the lipstick under my left eye only.

“Click here” to check out the original tutorial by Deepica.

If you are feeling bold try this out for yourself and let me know your results!

Until next time

Sarah x