Product Feature- Bright Eyes with Colourful Liner

When it comes to my make-up, I stick with what I know. For early mornings, I’ve mastered the neutral smoky eye and when I want to go a little bolder, I’ve got my routine dark lip. As I become more confident with makeup, the first thing I want to add to my looks is colour. The perfect way to achieve this – add a bright bold coloured liner to an otherwise neutral eye!


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DIY Birthday Party Décor Inspirations

Hi Friends! We have a bit of a different post today. It was my darling Mother (who looks more like my sister) 50th birthday and I threw her a fabulous party! So this week I thought it would be neat to share some of my DIY décor and party ideas. I love planning parties, and as an admitted Pintrest addict, where else would I get my inspirations. I didn’t have an exact theme that I followed, but my mom’s favourite colour is light lavender purple. I used the colour as a base and went with a spring floral and rustic vibe.  All of my ideas are fairly inexpensive and not too tricky to make.

Burlap ‘Happy Birthday’ Banner

Version 2

I love the banner trend! I think they are super cute, eye-catching and add as a great décor piece.  The burlap and sticky letters were purchased from Wal-Mart and I found a template for the shape online.  The letters needed some extra glue as they didn’t take to the material. To make hanging easy, I ran each triangle through with some ribbon.  I tried to pick neutral colours for the banner so it could be reused for any birthday celebration. The burlap really added to my rustic theme.


Washitape Tea lights 

It seems like Washitape is all the rage! I’m not sure where that started from, but as a stationary lover I’m into it! All I did was wrap the tape around a plain white tea light candle. These guys add a great pop of colour and dimension when placed around a table centerpiece. I am just using these as decoration, but be careful if you were thinking of lighting the candles as I’m not sure how they would burn with the tape.

Crepe Paper Flowers


These beauties were my centerpieces and took all my effort. One of the trickier crafts, they took a lot of time but were well worth it. My mom loves tulips so I tried to recreate the shape. I used streamer paper as crepe paper was not accessible. The flowers add a delicate and bright touch to the table and the little milk bottles from the craft store add the antique feel. I also added a couple of fresh flowers in mason jars to continue the look on the cake table. Click here to find the tutorial I used for the crepe paper flowers.


Hope some of my ideas inspire you for your next party!

Until next time

Sarah x

Product Feature- Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette

You’re making me blush. Fine this palette is making me blush. Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?! I know by now the Hourglass ambient lighting blush palette is old news and but I thought I would still write about it. As soon as I saw this gem, I had this sudden, overwhelming need to give this trio a home! I rarely give the newest blush in stores a second glance, but this time I could not seem to tear my eyes away.

Packaged in a sleek and slim gold case, this palette comes with three shades include Mood Exposure, Luminous flush and incandescent Electra (an exclusive shade to the palette). All three shades provide the prettiest glow and colour to the face with the added bonus of the infamous hourglass highlight from the shimmers in each blush. This girl has yet to purchase the ambient lighting highlight pallet – got to keep the spending in check sometimes.


While this palette is on the pricier end, I definitely think it is worth it. Especially if you are not a blush fanatic like I am, it’s great to have one go to set that will never let you down. The pigmentation is superb and is very buildable, allowing for both subtle romantic looks to some intense cheek colour. The shades are long-lasting without the need to reapply throughout the day.

All three shades are gorgeous but my personal favourite of the palette is Mood Exposure. As I had never worn let alone even swatched a colour like this before, I was initially hesitant towards this colour due to its purple hues. I found it looked most natural on my skin and really popped whenever I wore a colour that complimented it.  Just goes to show you can’t judge a blush by its colour.

After the success of this blush find, perhaps I should expand my horizon! What are some of your favourite blushes?

Until next time

Sarah x

Weekend Update: Happy Spring and Easter Weekend

Happy Spring Friends!

It is officially spring, although it is still quite chilly where I am (Thanks, never-ending Canadian winters!) After a brutal winter, I’m craving bright colours, light and flowy spring outfits and a whole lot of sunshine. This past weekend was Easter and I thought I would share some of the fun events and the seasonal inspiration I used for this festive spring weekend.

My favourite place for a quick burst of colour is the nails. This weekend I opted for Essie’s Sittin’ Pretty. I have worn this shade numerous times since I featured it in my L’Oreal Haul a few weeks back. The light purple shade is bright, perfect for spring and gets tons of compliments.


The beauty lover’s equivalent to spring cleaning? A spring haircut! I have always felt comfortable and confident with long, layered hair. I decided a healthy cut was needed as my dry and winter damaged hair was weighing me down. I took the not so deep plunge and opted for the long bob and popped in a few mocha brown highlights for  dimension. This cut has been showing up everywhere recently! It feels so great, is super low maintenance and I think it gives me a fun new look to play with this summer.

                                           dsc02348       dsc02347

Nothing gets me more excited than cute baked goods. While scouring Pinterest, I stumbled across a recipe for these cute Easter Egg Cake Pops and I had to try them out. Aside from forming the batter into the shape of an egg, these cuties follow the standard instructions for regular cake pops. It’s super fun to decorate them with tons of spring colour sprinkles to make unique patterns. Be warned these cuties took a lot of time and I nearly threw in the towel so pack your patience when trying them out!

dsc02334Finally a quick “What I wore” for a family Easter dinner. I paired this Wilfred tank with black leggings and Michael Kors flats.


And there you have it! Some of my spring and Easter Inspirations. I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and are getting your spring on! Let me know some of your inspirations.

Until next time,

Sarah x