Product Feature – MAC Matchmaster Foundation Review

Does anyone else get overly attached to cosmetics? I’m always so sad when I finish or lose a product I love. I’ve even been lusting after a Sephora makeup case that says, “Losing you hurt but losing my makeup would be a tragedy”. The truth in this makeup case is real, but back to the point of this blog post.


During my travels, my beloved Nars Sheer Glow Foundation in the shade Syracuse shattered. I truly loved the Nars foundation so this was bittersweet. In the past, I have used Smashbox and Vasanti but this time I was determined to purchase a MAC foundation.


Now I know the Matchmaster Foundation is not new to the market but I thought I would feature it since it’s new to me. I chose this foundation for its SPF coverage, the ability to build in colour, and its moisturizing effect as I had read the formula is best for individuals with dry skin. I was colour matched to the shade 6.

Surprising to say, but I think I prefer the Matchmaster to the Sheer Glow. I even think the colour matches my skin tone just a tiny bit better. Even in flash photography, my face no longer shows up with that whiteish look, the colour stays consistent. The biggest little bonus with the MAC is that comes with a pump dispenser. Nars definitely has to work on improving that packaging. I’ve noticed I’m using less foundation to get a full coverage face as a little product goes a long way. While the foundation does a great job of evening out my skin, there are still a few bumps I would like to conceal, but I think that is more to do with my skin care regime.


Having never been a MAC girl in the past, this foundation is a game changer, and I will be back to build my collection! Let me know your favourite MAC product so I can test it out!

Until next time,

Sarah x

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