Moisturizer Minute

The January blues are here people. I don’t think I have looked cute once this month with all the hats, scarves and gloves I’m bundled up with.  Beneath all those layers to keep warm, my skin is taking a beating. Personally, my skin becomes dry quite quickly so I’ve rounded up my favourite moisturising products to keep me hydrated from head to toe to share with you!


First Aid Beauty – Ultra Repair Cream: The name of this product says it all. Ultra repair. The moment this hits my face, my skin is singing praises and forgets about the harsh winter winds that did it so wrong. This product is thick and rich to give you the moisture you need, but at the same time it is light which prevents any excess grease on your face. I can visibly see and feel the difference in my skin the morning after using this moisturizer. Combining this with my Clinique All about Eyes cream keeps my face super soft.

Philosophy Purity Cleanser: This has been my Holy Grail cleanser for so many years. Finally a gentle cleanser that takes off all my make-up, doesn’t break me out and isn’t harsh causing  it to strip the good stuff from my skin. I use this year round but it is especially perfect during the winter months and my face welcomes the use of it. I would recommend this to any and every one I meet so go get this stuff!

La Roche-Posay: Nutritic lips: Those poor little lips take the worst of it in my opinion. In combination with the Lush lip scrub which I’ve mentioned in other posts, this lip balm works wonders. It is a bit more heavy duty than your average drugstore lip balm but it’s worth the splurge as it keeps my lips from peeling.

Body Shop – Shea Body Butter: First of all the smell on this thing is so rich and luxurious. This also has a thick consistency but doesn’t leave you greasy. I can definitely tell this is working wonders for my legs and body as they look less cracked and dry. This is a little baby size which I was given as a gift this Christmas and it is nearly gone! I will have to go invest in the full size while the sales are still on!

So there you have it! It can be hard to find a product that works for you but once you do it will be hard to remember life without it! What are some of your go to moisturizing products for the winter time?

Let’s hope the worst of winter is behind us. I mean how is even allowed to be -23 degree outside?! Stay warm everyone!

Until Next time

Sarah x

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