Candy Mountain.

Alright so I know technically I’m late in posting this, but I couldn’t resist posting this little Halloween DIY.


When it comes to Halloween, I am probably the biggest wimp.  I don’t like being scared and I’m easily grossed out by gruesome decorations. So when I decorate for this time of year, I lean towards the cute ghosts and glittery pumpkins. Naturally, when I stumbled across a candy corn tower in a home decor store I thought it was perfect, and rather than breaking the bank, I decided to make my own.


What you’ll need the following to recreate these sweet candy corn towers: A hot glue gun, scissors, a styrofoam cone of any size, and white, yellow and orange yarn.



From there its pretty simple. Starting with the yellow yarn, simply glue one end of the yarn to the cone, wrap it around the cone until you are approximately a third of the way up, and then glue again and trim with scissors. Repeat this step with the orange and white yarn.

And there you have it! Halloween decorations that won’t make you jump out of your skin!

Until next time,

Sarah x

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